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Another way to gain valuable work experience is to volunteer in our head office, working in departments such as Fundraising and Marketing. Find out more about volunteering opportunities.


A Different Route

We believe that there are different routes into the world of work to fit different people. Our Apprenticeship Scheme encourages participants to gain qualifications and workplace experience in our offices.

We work in conjunction with the national Apprenticeships scheme to make sure people get the most out of this experience, and gain valuable, practical skills.

Hear from our current HR apprentice, Carina Stenhouse: 

“University wasn’t for me.  Also not for me was being trapped in a field of work that I didn’t enjoy.  I had the drive to succeed but what good was having potential when you are the only one who knows it?  I wanted to gain relevant experience, in an organisation which believes in development and I saw this apprenticeship as the way forward in starting my career.  

Jewish Care took a chance and with that, gave me an amazing opportunity to learn, develop my skills and hopefully shake the stigma associated with young people.  The combination of flexible learning and significantly, on the job training offered by the apprenticeship scheme, has allowed me to gain foundation knowledge as well as every day working experiences such as managing my workload and team work which I can take with me as I progress in my career.  

To invest in an apprentice, an organisation has to be brave and willing to take a chance on someone young, inexperienced and potentially under qualified and Jewish Care did this, supporting me every step of the way.  I hope that after this year’s placement, I am not alone in recognising the benefits to both an organisation and on an individual level of choosing an apprenticeship.”

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