community support services

Community support services

Jewish Care's qualified and skilled community support practitioners play a crucial role in helping members of our community find solutions to health and social care problems.

The Jewish Care community support service is a key part of the way in which we provide support and advice to members of the community. It incorporates an understanding of Jewish culture, traditions and way of life, and while our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, they are all highly trained to understand the importance of our clients' culture.

Our practitioners engage not only with clients but with their families and friends, and work closely with other organisations including the NHS, local authorities and other care service providers. Our staff consist of qualified, registered social workers together with highly trained community support practitioners who assess the situation of individuals and their family carers and help them to plan, implement and monitor individual packages of practical care and emotional support to best meet their needs.

Within our community support service, we have four specialist teams of practitioners in:

  • Ageing and Dementia
  • Disability and welfare rights
  • Family care support
  • Palliative and residential care

Who can use Jewish Care’s community support service?

All Jewish adults aged 18 and older, their families and carers and anyone else who has a question related to health and social care issues. If you are under 18 and are concerned about someone over 18, we can help you too.

Who can refer to Jewish Care’s community support service?

You can make your own referral or someone else can, eg. a GP, consultant, hospital, local authority social worker, carer, synagogue, family member, friend or neighbour. They must have the individual’s knowledge and consent.

What can the community support service do for you?

To make sure you get the correct support, we will assess your needs and recommend the potential options available. In some areas, if  the local authority is funding you, their social worker will assess your needs. In these cases we can advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the most appropriate service possible.

How do you assess my situation?

A practitioner will ask you a number of detailed questions about the situation you are facing. This can be started over the telephone and followed up, if appropriate, by a home visit. Here one of our practitioners will meet you, and will ask more questions about their current situation and needs in order to  plan care.

Who will assess my situation?

If you will be funding your own care a Jewish Care community support practitioner can come to assess your situation directly and will help you access the right services for you. You may be required to provide financial information during this process but we will let you know what is needed at the time.

If the local authority is to fund your care then your local authority will carry out an assessment of needs. In these cases the Jewish Care social worker will act as a link, liaising with the local authority and offering advocacy, support, advice and information to you or the client and their carers. The local authority will also make a financial assessment to determine which part of your care they will fund.

For more information on any of the above services or to discuss any health or social care related issue with our team please call Jewish Care Direct on 020 8922 2222.  Alternatively, email Jewish Care Direct on

How our community support service can help

We have listed here the areas in which we can help you. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, so please contact us if you have a query that is not answered on this page.

What we can help you with:

  • General support and advice on health and social care related issues 
  • Dementia care and support 
  • Advice and information about welfare benefits 
  • Advice on sheltered accommodation

We can help you or your friend or relative gain access to:

  • Day centre or community centre services 
  • Residential and nursing care homes for older people 
  • Services for holocaust survivors 
  • Meals on wheels 
  • Services for people with a physical or sensory disability
  • Support and advice services for carers (including those who care for someone with an addictive disorder, dementia, entering residential care, or with a mental health problem) 
  • Respite care for people with dementia or older people (to give carers a break)
  • Residential care for younger people (18+) with physical or sensory disabilities
  • Home care services
  • Occupational therapy/visual impairment service
  • Finding volunteers who can offer a befriending service
  • We can also offer advice on accessing financial assistance and grants. We will direct you to organisations that might be able to help you with funding.


What services are beyond our remit?

Although we will always try to help, Jewish Care's community support service is unable to directly help in the following areas:

Assessing patients in hospital requiring local authority funding for their care.
In this case, a referral will need to be made to the appropriate hospital social work team, by the patient themselves or a relative or friend, though we can advocate on your behalf and provide the family with guidance and advice.

Assessing children or young people with a learning disability.
We can refer you to organisations that can help you.   

Providing financial assistance for any care needs.
All the services you or the client accesses must either be funded by their local authority or privately.

For more information on any of the above services or to discuss any health or social care related issue with our team please call our helpline Jewish Care Direct: 020 8922 2222 (during office hours)

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