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Sunday Jewish Radio

On our weekly Jewish radio programme this week:

Sunday at 12 noon

On this week's Sunday Jewish Radio on 10th November on Spectrum Radio 558AM and online at

Jewish Question Time from the Jewish Living Expo at Wembley Stadium - on the panel:

TV Scriptwriter and author Ivor Baddiel, the Mitzvah Day creator (in the UK) Laura Marks, Adrian Cohen, chair of the London Jewish Forum, Richard Ferrer, Editor of the Jewish News, Sunday Jewish Radio Presenter Jon Kaye and the chairman is Clive Roslin.

Questions include - should the Chief Rabbi go to Limmud, should we worry about fewer Jews in our community, is it time to 'demob' the Yid Army at Spurs, are Jewish schools divisive.

Better sound quality!

Sunday Jewish Radio can now be heard on Spectrum’s digital radio DAB outlet.


Sunday from 12noon on 558AM and online at through the week.

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