what are the different types of legacy?

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Over the next ten years, Jewish Care will need over £100m to care for vulnerable people. We are relying on at least £40m of this sum being donated by generous supporters in our community.


What are the different types of legacy?


Different types of Legacy
If you decide to leave a gift to Jewish Care, there are different types of legacy you may wish to consider:

Residuary bequest

he remainder of your estate after all your other wishes have been carried out and all expenses relating to your estate have been met. Generally, this kind of gift is of the greatest benefit to Jewish Care as its value increases in line with the value of your estate.

Reversionary bequest

you give a friend or family member a life interest in your estate and after their death the remainder of your estate is made over to a charity or other beneficiary. This allows you to take care of those close to you for the remainder of their lifetime.

Pecuniary bequest
A fixed sum of money. The value of pecuniary legacies will decrease over time as a result of inflation.


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