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There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities at Jewish Care that will help you learn new skills, make friends, increase your confidence and give you the chance to make a difference to people's lives


Where your money goes

When you give to Jewish Care and you'll be remembering the 7,000 people we help and care for each week, like:

Martin, who was paralysed in a car accident aged 23.
One of the community’s most talented sportsmen, his life was changed unalterably.  Martin now lives in a Jewish Care home and is a highly valued volunteer for the charity.

Rachel, who was prescribed anti-depressants
to help her cope with the stress caused by caring for her mother Nora, who has Alzheimers. Now Nora is enjoying life in one of our care homes and regular visits from an invigorated and smiling daughter.

David, who is still haunted by his Holocaust experiences.
Since receiving our specialist service and meeting regularly with fellow survivors his nightmares are less frequent.  He now even has the confidence to talk at schools and receives many letters of thanks. One ends with the words: ‘You changed my life forever’.

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 Your donation could pay for:

A wheel chair £200

The running costs of a care bus to bring isolated members to and from our community centres £250

A year’s worth of Kiddushim in our care homes £500

A hot trolley to transport food £1,750


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