The Great Jewish Bake Day

The Great Jewish Bake Day is back! If you are a champion cupcake baker, star biscuit maker or happy pretending shop bought cakes are bakes of your own, we are asking you to bake and share for Jewish Care. Every penny raised will help fund the Jewish Care buses, that help bring isolated members of our community to our services across London and the South East. Remember, every crumb counts!

So what are you waiting for? This July, bake a difference by hosting a bake sale at your home, workplace, school or synagogue, with a group of friends or colleagues and help us support the people that need us most.

The Great Jewish Bake Day Film 2017

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Explore Bake Day Recipes

Before you start your bake day masterpiece, have a quick look at the delicious recipe favourites we've assembled from our clients.

Aunt Selma’s Orange and Almond cake

81 year old Holocaust survivor Dani lives in Selig Court. Her earliest cooking memory is sitting on the kitchen floor in Paris aged 5 whilst her mother cooked. Unfortunately she would never have the opportunity to learn these recipes as in 1942 her mother was taken to Aushwitz and never seen again. Dani was sent into hiding in the French countryside. Following the war Dani was looked after by her Aunt Selma (pronounced Zelma) and when festivals approached Selma would cook the most delicious cakes from recipes handed to her by her family. Dani explained “The most wonderful baking would happen around the festivals and one of my favourites and most delicious was “Gateau au Almandes et a l’orange.”  I don’t make it now myself but I have a great friend Erika who I passed the recipe to who makes it for me, so I still get to enjoy it!" 


2 large oranges
6 eggs
½ lb ground almonds
½ lb sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
flour for the baking tin


1)    Wash and boil the oranges whole in a little water until they are mushy (approx 2 hours)
2)    Let them cool and then cut open and remove the pips, some pith and save the peel( leave everything if Jaffa oranges)
3)    Turn into pulp with an electric blender.
4)    Beat eggs in a large bowl. Add all other ingredients, mix thoroughly and pour into a buttered and floured cake tin with a removable base. Bake in a pre heated oven (400 degrees) for 30-40 mins 

The Naar family

The most significant memory I have of Pesach is something my mother did for my sister and I as children and I now do for my children, bake Pesach Rock Cakes.

I remember so clearly coming home from School a few hours before first Seder night, always hungry even though we had eaten lunch but never quite full as we hadn’t had any bread. There waiting for us were mum’s Pesach Rock Cakes.

I was always very excited to see the crockery changed over and the familiar china, cake tins and all the odd things in the kitchen that we relate to Pesach. My own children, now grown up, still feel that way too. It is like welcoming old friends back into our home.

I don’t know where this recipe came from and it is a very simple one but always faithful to reproduce even though sometimes they come out a slightly different.

This year I sent some to my daughter Georgia who is studying in the US. She said they were not as fresh after their long journey but a wonderful memory from her childhood and most importantly home.  Just like Grandma had made for Mummy all those years ago. 

Passover Rock Cakes


4 oz Margarine
4 oz Caster Sugar
2  Eggs – beaten
1oz Ground Almonds
4 oz Dried Fruit
1 tbs Milk mixed with ½ tsp Bicarb of Soda


1)    Preheat oven to 180 C
2)   Grease a baking sheet
3)    Cream margarine and sugar
4)    Add eggs followed by all other ingredients
5)    Put spoonfuls on trays
6)    Bake for 20 Minutes

Sarah's Birthday Cake

Jewish Care chef Sarah works in the kitchens at the Betty and Asher Loftus Centre which is the hub for three Jewish Care residential care homes and the Sam Beckman Centre for people living with Dementia. Sarah is part of our dedicated kitchen team who help prepare healthy and nutritious meals for residents, members and their relatives and friends who visit. However we do like a celebration at Jewish Care, especially birthdays and one of Sarah’s roles is to prepare all the home made biscuits and cakes as well as birthday cakes for the residents. 


2 kg Butter 
1.5 kg sugar 
2 kg self-raising flour 
3 tspn Vanilla extract 
2kg eggs


1)    Cream the butter and the sugar 
2)    Add the eggs to the creamed butter mixture 
3)    Add the flour and then vanilla extract 

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Returning money raised

What to do with your dough?

Returning the money you've raised.

There are three ways you can bank your money and return the funds you’ve raised.

Pay in online

Once you have entered the supporter area, please select The Great Jewish Bake Day from the list provided and then submit your details as required. .

Pay in over the phone

To make a debit or credit card payment over the phone, please call us on 020 8922 2600.

Pay in by cheque

If you would like to send us a cheque for the proceeds of your Bake Day event, make your cheque payable to:
Jewish Care and write ‘The Great Jewish Bake Day’ on the back of your cheque.

Send the cheque to:

Jewish Care,
Fundraising & Marketing,
Amélie House,
Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Campus,
221 Golders Green Road,
NW11 9DQ.


to include the event guest list so we can claim gift aid on your guest’s donations and make every penny go further.


The Great Jewish Bake Day launched in 2012. It was created to be a big community event to bring all ages and backgrounds together to ‘bake a difference’ for Jewish Care. In these tough economic times every penny counts which is why it was so great to see the community unite in their baking efforts!

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