Jan and Monty's Story: Rosh Hashanah

“I’ll never forget the day I rang. That one call changed my dad’s whole life. And mine.”

Monty is 96. He’s been living with dementia for some time now. Jan, his daughter, felt completely responsible for looking after her dad. She did everything she could for him, but, as she tells us, it gradually got harder and harder for her to cope.

“As my dad’s dementia became more serious, he couldn’t really concentrate anymore. So he lost interest in everything he used to enjoy, like reading and watching TV. He needed constant attention.

I realised I just couldn’t do it all myself. We needed help to carry on. That’s when I called the Jewish Care Direct Helpline.

They were absolutely brilliant. They put me in touch with Susan in the Arts, Disability and Dementia Team. She helped me find exactly the right support for dad. Now he goes to the Singing for Memory session at Jewish Care’s Otto Schiff Care Home every Wednesday. He really looks forward to it.

The group all sing together – dad’s favourites are songs from the war like ‘We’ll meet again’. He was in the Royal Air Force himself, so it brings back lots of memories. But it’s not all about nostalgia. It’s almost magical – he knows all the words, and he recognises friends from the group he sees each week.

He’s so much happier now. I simply can’t thank the staff on the Helpline enough. Or Susan – she’s my crutch. I know I can always rely on her.”

Jan’s call was just one of the 15,000 enquiries the expert staff and volunteers on our Helpline receive every year. We do everything in our power to help every single one of them, but our Helpline depends entirely on the generosity of supporters like you. There’s no local authority or government funding to fall back on. We have to raise every single penny we need to keep the service running ourselves.

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, none of us can know what the New Year will bring. But we can be sure of one thing – Jewish Care will be there for the thousands of people who are relying on us for vital help, just like Jan and Monty. So please make a gift today and make sure that this New Year is sweet and good for every single one of the people who are!

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