Lilly, member of the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre

(Holocaust Survivors Centre)

Lilly was born in Hungary in 1930, and when the country was invaded by Germany in 1944, her family were forced to live a ghetto. From there, one of her brothers was taken into a labour camp whilst the rest of her family were taken to Auschwitz. Lilly’s mother, younger sister and brother, were taken to the crematorium immediately as they were not deemed ‘fit for work’ by Nazi guards. Lilly and two of her sisters survived and were later moved from Auschwitz to work in a munitions factory, where they were eventually liberated in April 1945.

Today, Lilly attends the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre, where she is able to participate in a number of different programmes and activities, including creative writing sessions and Yiddish conversation groups. The centre also provides survivors with therapy, through its counselling centre known as Shalvata. Lilly describes the centre as "a truly wonderful place” and says that the Survivors “would all be lost without it.”

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