Rosh Hashanah Stories

"It was love at first sight for me and my Rosie. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her across the dance floor. The war kept us apart."

"I wrote to Rosie everyday of the war, then, as soon as it was over, we got married. We never spent a day apart.

In about 2011, she started doing silly things. She'd get up at night and wander around the house. Dementia's a terrible thing. But still I wouldn't let her go. Then I had to go into hospital myself. I was there for a long time. I was so worried. Rosie went to Lady Sarah Cohen House. I thought I'd lost her forever.

Thanks to Jewish Care, I live there now too and we were able to carry on living together."

There are so many more members of our community who need our help today. We can only be there for them with the continued support of people like you. We need to raise almost £50,000 to keep on supporting people like Hyman and Rosie every single day of the week.

We touch 10,000 lives every week. There’s never been a greater need for the work we do: from Dementia Day Care Centres to Community Centres, from our Helpline and Community Support and Social Work team to our Residential Care Homes.  We simply won’t be able to help the people who need us without kind supporters like you.

Since this photograph was taken, Rosie sadly passed away on Friday 1st September.