Online cookery courses

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in the kitchen before, or you’re a fully fledged balabusta who wants to improve their skills, there are plenty of online cookery classes to choose from.

For absolute beginners, this free course on Instructables will be a great start.
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For cooks at all levels, check out the BBC’s lovely selection of cookery videos.
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For training in all the cookery basics, try this series of videos from the Cuisinart Culinary School. You will learn a wide range of skills across the course, from nifty knife work and prep-etiquette to creating hearty mains and deliciously fun desserts. Bon appétit!

Whether you’ve had your fill of meat or all you’ve got left in the fridge are vegetables, this comprehensive tutorial by Google Talks will teach you some exciting and delicious ways to cook and grill tasty meat-free dishes.

For more experienced cooks, paid for masterclass online platform has several celebrity chefs to learn from.

Gordon Ramsay

Alice Waters

Wolfgang Puck

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