In our fast-paced and full-on world, exhaustion, stress and anxiety are the norm; when balance, resilience, inner strength, peace and happiness seem unattainable, it's time to practice meditation.  Meditation is simple; by calming your mind and opening your heart, you return to being yourself and living fully in every moment.

For those of you who are new to meditation and wondering how to get started, have a look at this New York Times article on how to meditate to get some inspiration.
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If you’re experiencing stress or anxiety, the NHS have some great tips and tricks on how to cope, along with this calming and easy to follow breath meditation.
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Deep breathing is a technique that can help you reduce stress and anxiety. This YouTube video provides a brief description of what deep breathing is, followed by a three minute guided practice .  

Enjoy this 5 minute guided meditation from Headspace any time of the day, when you need a short break to just let go of everything.
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Check out this 10 minute nourishing breath meditation from Mindful. The aim of this meditation is to focus at coming to terms with the way things are at the moment. This might mean simply noticing and acknowledging stress or anxiety rather than falling into old patterns of running away from it.
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Listen to this longer 15 minute guided meditation whenever you are feeling tense, overwhelmed or just need some time to relax – take long, deep breaths into your belly and exhale slowly….

Whether you’re new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner, Tara Brach has a great selection of guided meditations for you to choose from.
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The Mindful Awareness Research Centre (MARC) is running a series of great 30-minute, online meditation sessions covering a range of themes:
Mindfulness in Difficult Times
Working with Difficult Emotions
Kindness to Ourselves
Opening to Change
Opening to Uncertainty
Cultivating Joy

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