Chris Tarrant OBE visits Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre

07 Mar 2019

TV presenter, Chris Tarrant OBE visited Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivor’s Centre in Hendon today where he met members of the Centre, which is the only centre of it’s kind in Europe. The broadcaster and comedian entertained the members with stories from his entertainment career and answered questions about his experiences making Who Wants to be a Millionaire? He also spoke emotionally about filming Channel 5’s Extreme Railways, Hitler’s Holocaust Railways with Holocaust survivor, Arek Hersch, which took them to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp.

He said, "Making the programme was the most harrowing thing I’ve ever done and it made me realise that we must keep telling everyone what happened.

“The survivors are wonderful people and show a triumph of the human spirit. Jewish Care's Holocaust Survivors' Centre is a very warm and welcoming place to visit, considering all the survivors have endured there is wonderful atmosphere.

“Until you hear what it was like from a survivor, it's hard to understand the reality of the Holocaust. I have never had so many kind letters thanking us for putting a programme on the screen as after we made Hitler’s Holocaust Railways. It's made me realise that we must never forget. There are people saying that this never happened, so it is even more important that we share what happened in the Holocaust with everyone so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren know, we must tell these stories and make it part of their education." 

Tarrant told members that his father had served in World War II and was wounded just a few weeks before the war ended, had this not been the case he would have been to liberate Bergen-Belsen with his regiment.

Holocaust Survivors Centre member, Vera Schaufeld MBE who came along this afternoon, said, "It was a wonderful opportunity to hear Chris Tarrant speak about the railway programme that he made with Arek Hersch visiting the concentration camps in Europe. It was especially powerful to watch this programme because Chris Tarrant is so well known that this was an opportunity to show a far wider audience the reality of the Holocaust."