Hasmonean Boys Choir attend Yom Hashoah Service at Jewish Care’s Clore

08 May 2019

Last Thursday, the Hasmonean Boys Choir went to Jewish Care’s Clore Manor care home to sing to the residents on Yom Hashoah. After their visit, Year 6 pupil and chorister, Netanel Berman, said, “Rabbi Junik spoke to all about the Holocaust and why it is so important to remember on Yom Hashoah. We sung Esoh Einay (Psalm 121) and Shehecheyonu to the residents. The Rabbi called upon, Moshe, who is a Holocaust survivor, to light the candles and say Kaddish and we sang V'hi Sheomdoh. At the end we all shook hands with Moshe. We all learned a great deal about the Holocaust from this event and I would like to thank Dr Shaw for taking us to this special ceremony.”

Moshe Nurtman, who is a member of Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre and is a resident of Jewish Care’s Clore Manor home in Hendon, was born in Warka, Poland, in 1929. He was initially taken from the ghetto to Kozienice concentration camp, and from 1942 onwards moved to Buchenwald and finally to Theresienstadt, from where he was liberated in 1945. He arrived in the UK to Windermere in August 1945. After the service on Thursday, he said, “I said Kaddish and the children all shook hands with me and sang. It’s important that the future generation should know and remember what happened to us as there are already people trying to deny it.”

Hasmonean Primary School Headteacher, Dr Shaw, added, “We felt proud and privileged to have taken part in the moving Yom Hashoa ceremony at Clore Manor.”