Intergenerational Cooking for the Great Jewish Bake Day this Shavuot

06 Jun 2019

Children from JC Families and members of Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre got creative and messy with food at an intergenerational Great Jewish Bake Day activity this week. The group, whose ages ranged from 3 to 90 years old, began preparing together for Shavuot, making mini-cheesecakes with sprinkles and sauce, Shavuot-themed edible art and sweetie necklaces with Kids Cooking.

Myla Williams, age 3, who enjoyed cooking with the members, said, “This was the best party ever!” whilst her cousin, Talia Coppel, age 3 said, “The best bit was crushing the biscuit for the cake and I loved doing the sprinkles!”

Holocaust Survivors’ Centre member, Marie Obuchowski said, “The kids needed help with some of the activities, they enjoyed themselves and had such fun - that’s the most important thing and I enjoyed it too.”

Jenna Kay, Chair of JC Tots, said, “It was so special to watch four generations coming together, supporting each other and making new friendships whilst all having a lot of fun. That’s what JC Families is all about and it was a great way to start the Great Jewish Bake Day activities, when the whole community can enjoy getting together over cake. The JC Tots and Juniors looked adorable in their little chef hats and brought so many smiles to the members of the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre as they worked together to make chocolates, mini cheesecakes and edible art for Shavuot.”