Jewish Care’s Hyman Fine House achieves the Eden Alternative

18 Sep 2019

Jewish Care’s Hyman Fine House in Brighton is now the 46th care home in the UK to become an Eden Alternative home and is the second Jewish Care home to receive this prestigious recognition after Jewish Care’s Kun Mor & George Kiss home.

The Eden Alternative is a person-centred approach to care which focuses on enhancing the personal growth and well-being of older people. The philosophy was developed by American physician, Dr Bill Thomas, who noticed whilst visiting a care home that people were often bored, lonely and felt helpless. He called these feelings “the three plagues” and set about developing a way of working to combat them. The three antidotes to the plagues are spontaneous or unexpected activity, human loving companionship and having the opportunity to give as well as receive care.

Embracing creativity and connecting with nature is part of the ethos of the home. The first care home to participate in the Brighton Fringe Festival with their creative arts day, Flourish, Hyman Fine House also has a choir and residents can participate in interactive music making sessions. The residents, staff and volunteers also enjoy caring for the home’s cat, Sooty, the chickens, goldfish and budgies and welcome regular visits from Pets as Therapy dogs.

Natasha Carson, Jewish Care’s Hyman Fine House Manager, says, “We have been putting the Eden Alternative principles into practice for several years and working towards creating a meaningful place to live full of joy and love, with plants, animals and visiting children. We were so happy to welcome the Eden Alternative assessors to spend the day with us, joining in our activities, eating kosher food and running a group of their own. At the end of a long day they were so complimentary about our home, telling us, ‘We can see that you are actually living the Eden Alternative lifestyle. What a lovely place this is to be.’

“We were delighted to receive a plaque in the shape of a tree with the accreditation certificate and celebrated with an Eden cake.”

Jewish Care Chief Executive, Daniel Carmel-Brown, added, “We are proud to receive the Eden Alternative Accreditation in a second Jewish Care home. I would like to congratulate the home manager, Natasha Carson and her team at Hyman Fine House for this significant achievement which recognises the expertise and dedication of our staff, volunteers and creative partners.

“Together, they provide an excellent quality of personalised care, working inclusively and creatively to enable residents to live a meaningful, stimulating life, connecting with themselves and each other in a warm, Jewish environment. Whenever I visit, I can feel the creativity and enjoyment that is always present.”