Mass Microsoft Teams meeting connects Jewish Care central office staff

23 Mar 2020

Today, over 160 Jewish Care staff at Jewish Care’s central offices, Amelie House joined a huge virtual group meeting on Microsoft Teams since current circumstances as a result of Covid19 have seen them working across different resources, care homes and in their own homes. The mass online meeting helped staff to connect, maintain a sense of work community and understand the current situation better through a briefing with Chief Executive, Daniel Carmel-Brown. It was an opportunity to share information, update everyone and for staff to ask questions in advance and on a live chat feed.

Daniel Carmel-Brown highlighted some of the amazing support from the community for our frontline staff, including 500 extra volunteers who have stepped forward this week and last, on top of the existing 3000 Jewish Care volunteers that already support Jewish Care. He also shared thanks for the messages from celebrities including Dermot O’ Leary, Maureen Lipman and David Baddiel.

He said to colleagues, “We are doing all we can to support our incredible frontline staff. At this point, our biggest role as central office staff is to support the operation of our services and to keep raising the morale of our staff who are working in the most difficult circumstances so that they feel supported by us all. It is also vital for us to be ready to be redeployed as needed. I want to thank all of our care staff and those on the front line who are doing the most amazing job, pulling together at this time.”

He shared, “These are difficult times, it’s ok to cry, you’ll feel better for it. It’s difficult, but we will get through it and it’s amazing to see the things that people are doing for themselves and others to keep us all energised.

“What’s going on inside the organisation is phenomenal and there are silver linings in everything we do. The way that people are approaching the current crisis and reaching out to colleagues at this challenging time is really heart-warming. It gives us an even greater understanding of what our colleagues on the frontline do day in day out and we couldn’t be prouder of them. I know I feel immensely proud.”