JLGB to raise money for Jewish Care in Virtual Community Fun Run

12 May 2020

In an unprecedented move, JLGB has pledged to raise money for Jewish Care in this year’s Maccabi GB’s Community Fun Run. As part of their Acts of Kindness initiative, they will be sharing proceeds from the virtual JLGB 125 Fun Run at home on Sunday 24 May. Participants are invited to walk, hop, skip or jump 1, 2, 5 or 10 km.

Last night, Daniel Carmel-Brown was a guest on JLGB Virtual and was interviewed by young JLGB youth leaders on a Zoom with an audience of 8 to 18 year-olds, broadcast to thousands on Facebook Live.  JLGB youth representative, Keely Price interviewed Daniel and invited the audience to participate in a Q&A.

Daniel said, “It’s really special that JLGB will be supporting Jewish Care this year in the Community Fun Run. The support is invaluable. Every penny raised is crucial at this difficult time to help us through the crisis. It’s unprecedented for our community to work together like this, so thank you all in advance for whatever you do, be it 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k and we wish you luck and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Keely asked the Chief Executive why it was so important to talk to JLGB. Daniel replied, “Though we care for older people and we always communicate first with our residents and their relatives, it’s really important to Jewish Care to communicate with everyone in the community, including young people, so they know what it’s been like for Jewish Care.

“We are a communal organisation and the community have shown amazing support already to us, through the Jewish Homes Emergency Appeal and through stepping up to volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels and by telephone and online befriending, to support vulnerable, isolated older people through the pandemic.”

The audience were interested to know about Daniel’s career and he offered advice for those interested in entering social care and the voluntary sector, saying, “Many people need a purpose in life and you get a great sense of purpose waking up and knowing that when you’re getting out of bed in the morning, you are going to make a difference to the lives of many thousands of people. If that’s not something to look forward to each day, then I don’t know what is.

“People who work in social care are doing amazing things in our society and I think they are finally being recognised as a critical part of the health and social care system. I stand outside my door on a Thursday night and I clap for all the people on the frontline, NHS, keyworkers, carers and also the cleaners, chefs, who ensure hygiene and infection control. Those people who work in our services are absolutely wonderful people. They are so brave, committed and dedicated and they come from 71 different countries, of all faiths and none.”

On the leadership in the role of CEO and how to maintain resilience to keep going during the crisis, Daniel answered, “I’m very privileged to be surrounded by a fantastic team of colleagues and Board and that’s one of the important attributes of a good leader - to surround yourself with good people.

“It has been a tough time for everyone but I find my comfort in the positive feedback that we are receiving from relatives, the community and authorities, telling us we are doing a good job. That’s what gives me the resilience. None of us has ever lived through anything like this before and yes, my job is hard, but it’s no more difficult than the jobs of the people in our care homes our social work teams, our helpline and community centre teams who are supporting our community through this time.”

Finally, commenting on the positive outcomes of this time, Daniel says, “It has shone a light on some of the things that some of us never thought about that much. Many people who don’t have or never have had a relative in a care home, now start to understand how important people who work in social care are to their family. And it also makes it clear how important the NHS and the health service is to us globally.

“We’re spending more time than ever before with our family in a way that we didn’t expect to.  We have seen an outpouring of love from the Jewish community and that will lead to more partnerships together and it’s important that we maintain this in the future. The seeds have been shown for a long-term outcome, in our personal, community, professional lives and as citizens as well.

During the Zoom one of the granddaughter's of a resident at Jewish Care’s Kun Mor & George Kiss Home, said how pleased she was to be able to talk to and see her 'Nana' on the iPad calls set up by the relative liasons in the home since the organisation suspended visits from relatives to the care homes, ten days before the nationwide lockdown. She commented on how pleased she and her family are that Daniel is speaking to  relatives to explain how the organisation is ensuring the safety of residents, staff and relatives until it is safe for everybody to meet again.”

You can listen to the interview with Daniel Carmel-Brown again on JLGB Facebook page at 1min39seconds.

Sign up for the virtual Community Fun Run Online on Sunday 24 May at www.JLGB.org/funrun