Bringing cakes to the community for the 8th Great Jewish Bake Day

09 Jul 2020

Whilst the community couldn’t come to Jewish Care community centres for this year’s 8th Great Jewish Bake Day today, Jewish Care volunteers are going out to the community. Jewish Care chefs, as well as volunteers in the community, have once again risen to the occasion to help bake and deliver over a thousand cakes so that older people in the community could celebrate Bake Day across London and the South East.

Where in previous years the community would be getting together for tea parties, this year, hundreds of cakes have been delivered to Jewish Care community centre members, Holocaust Survivors’ Centre members, supportive tea party guests, Meals on Wheels recipients and tenants of Jewish Care’s independent living homes.

In North West and North East London, Supportive Community Tea Parties hosts sent cake to their guests through volunteer delivery drivers who dropped by with cake to say hello. The tea parties that were previously held in volunteer’s living rooms before Covid-19, took place on Zooms instead.

Volunteer, Bianca, said, “It was an absolute pleasure to see the joy on people’s faces whilst delivering cakes to the tea party guests. They were so happy to receive a visit, touched that people had baked for them and were delighted to have a chat. Everybody was so grateful and we had a lot to talk about!”

Community centre coordinators are also sending out baking-themed special edition activity magazines with baking themed crosswords, quizzes and recipes to help older people to stay involved in activities over Bake Day.

18-year-old,  Jewish Care volunteer Jamie Shone,  delivered cake and a goody bag to Jewish Care’s Redbridge Jewish Community Centre member, Anita Frankle, 90 for The Great Jewish Bake Day. She said, “It was a lovely surprise to see the young volunteers from Redbridge Jewish Community Centre at my front door and I enjoyed the cake for tea. I speak to my friends and the staff and the staff at the Centre and I look forward to going back to be with everybody.”

Meanwhile, in our care homes, residents have been enjoying doing some baking themselves as well as an intergenerational online cooking demonstration with The Challah Mummy, Allegra Benitah and offline with our care homes chefs, followed by a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Chef, Denise Phillips also led a Bake Day Junior Chef session on Facebook Live making delicious Chunky Chocolate Biscuits for Bake Day, to continue the tradition of intergenerational baking that is now an established part of the community’s calendar.

As well as baking, the community have been donating to help support Jewish Care.

Jewish Care’s Director of Fundraising & Community Engagement, Adam Overlander-Kaye, says, “We are delighted to see the heart-warming way that the community has come together for The Great Jewish Bake Day. Through online or real-life tea and cake activities for people at home in the community and in our residential care homes, Bake Day has once again, brightened the day of hundreds of older people who are isolated at home in our community.

“We would like to thank Allegra Benitah and Denise Phillips, together with all the incredible dedicated volunteers who baked and delivered cakes, reaching out to the many hundreds of older people in the community that Jewish Care supports, as well as those who donated to support the charity. It has been a fantastic way for so many people to get involved and to connect us all across the generations through baking.”

For more recipes from bakers, Jewish Care community centre members and residents as well as from JC Families, visit

To support Jewish Care and donate £5, £10 or £15 by texting BAKEDAY5, BAKEDAY10 or BAKEDAY15 to 70085 (Text cost is £5, £10 or £15 plus one standard rate message).