Celebrating the festival of Succot across Jewish Care rain or shine

11 Oct 2020

Residents and tenants across Jewish Care homes and independent living apartments enjoyed celebrating the festival of Succot in a way that was compliant with Covid-19 restrictions.  Tenants and staff wore gloves and masks to carry out the shaking of the lulav and etrog at a social distance in the Succah, once the sun came out.

Rabbi Junik, Jewish Care’s Spiritual and Pastoral Lead, has been supporting tenants and residents to celebrate online and in person. He says, "The festival of Succot and the lulav and etrog connect us to the natural world and remind us of how important it is for us to care for and respect our environment and the world we live in. It also unites us all, as the lulav and etrog are made of the four kinds of plants, representing different kinds of people. We may all come from different backgrounds but Succot unites us and brings us all together."

Jack and Norma Klein are tenants at Jewish Care’s Wohl Court. Jack, who has been an active member of Hemel Hempstead Synagogue for many years, helps run the Friday night service at Wohl Court. He says, “Norma and I met at Jewish Care’s Michael Sobell Community four years ago. We share a sense of humour and are very happy to be together. It’s good to celebrate Succot and do the mitzvah of shaking the lulav and etrog in honour of our wedding anniversary. I enjoy Succot, but my favourite festival is Simchat Torah which comes after Succot, as it’s about sharing joy. It’s good to share that with others around us.”

Jewish Care’s Rabbi Junik, added, “It’s very special that Jack and Norma are celebrating their anniversary next week, just after Succot which is all about unity. The lulav represents different types of people and our Judaism unites all of us, no matter what our background we come from, it’s all about togetherness.”

Residents at Jewish Care’s Hyman Fine House in Brighton, enjoyed their Succah even in the wet weather, as the care home has a built-in indoor Succah. Annabel Pagel says, “I haven’t had a Succah at home prior to moving to Hyman Fine House so I was very interested in the decorations. I think that the built-in Succah is a great invention, especially on wet and windy days.”