Friends of Rosetrees make the grade with Knight at the Lords event

18 Feb 2021

On Thursday 18th February, 200 people joined Lord Michael Grade and Lord Jeffrey Archer at an online fundraiser held by the Friends of Rosetrees care home. The event has raised more than £5,000 so far, in large part thanks to Rita Roth, Chair of the Friends of Rosetrees committee.

Lord Grade interviewed Lord Archer on a number of issues ranging from what it takes to write a novel, his close relationship with Margaret Thatcher, his skills as an auctioneer, and current politics including the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine and Scottish independence.

Opening the event, Lord Grade said, “I said I’d do this event, not out of altruism, but in hope that one day I’ll be able to get in to Rosetrees!”.

Lord Archer spoke passionately about his career writing novels and publishing, noting that the thing that drove him to write as a way through his troubles at the time was ‘pure ignorance’ of the difficulty of the process. He also spoke at length about his time in politics and his close relationship with Margaret Thatcher, praising her for her vision and commitment.

The audience enjoyed seeing the warm relationship between the Lords and their light-hearted banter, noting that it was “like watching old friends catching up”.

Taking questions from the audience, Lord Archer was asked “How do you deal with setbacks?”, and answered, “You’ve got two choices; you can sit down, burst into tears and spend the rest of your life groaning, or you can accept that things have gone wrong, but you move on”.

Jewish Care is extremely grateful to Rita Roth and the Friends of Rosetrees committee for their hard work, hosting a fascinating event, and for raising these much-needed funds at this time.