Topland Business Luncheon 2015

05 Nov 2015

Judy Dewinter, the Chairman of Myeloma UK has been presented with the prestigious Topland Business Luncheon Award in memory of Philip Greenwold in recognition of her commitment and determination to support people like her who are living with myeloma, an incurable cancer.

Topland Luncheon Judy Dewinter 2015Judy had a highly successful career in the City, working for 18 years for a leading stockbroking firm and heading up their European business. In 2003, at the age of 33, Judy started treatment for myeloma and she left her job in the financial sector.

Judy, who is married with two children, joined the Myeloma UK Board of Directors in 2004 and has been Chairman since 2006. Since becoming Chairman, Judy has driven and overseen unprecedented success for Myeloma UK, including doubling its income and launching several successful world-class research initiatives including an innovative partnership with The Institute of Cancer Research.

As a myeloma patient herself, Judy is determined that patients in the UK receive the necessary treatments when they need them, and is a powerful advocate for access to the best possible treatment and care for patients. Through her various treatments, the most recent of which was a second stem cell transplant in July 2011, Judy always makes herself available to talk to others dealing with myeloma, knowing from personal experience the difficulty of living and coping with this debilitating cancer.

 On accepting the award Judy said;

“‘To be recognised by Jewish Care is a real privilege and I am extremely grateful to be receiving this award.  I am proud to be part of a community with such strong values that have helped guide me in my work and throughout my life.’     

Sol Zakay, Executive Chairman and CEO of Topland Group commented,

“There are many reasons why Judy is so deserving of this award. Even in personal adversity her determination to help others is truly inspirational. A trait we should all strive for.”

Topland Luncheon James Rubin 2015Following the award presentation James Rubin, the Sunday Times columnist and former Assistant Secretary of State under President Clinton addressed the 650 guests. Speaking about the profound changes the world is facing he commented;

“The world is a difficult place to figure out and we need values and principles to do so. The values you hold in this organisation, Jewish Care, are values necessary to make positive change combined with a willingness to act and lead”.

 Speaking at the event, Nick Doffman, Chairman of the Topland Group Committee commented;

“I want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, guests and other supporters. I am delighted to announce that we have raised £275,000, much needed funds to support day centres in the community that ensure older and vulnerable people are able to get out, meet others and be part of a wider community. Without these services many would not get out or see anyone from one day to the next.”