HRH Duchess of Cornwall joins Holocaust Survivors for tea

23 Feb 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall paid a visit to the Holocaust Survivors' Centre for tea today. The Duchess spent almost an hour talking to over forty of the centre’s members at an informal tea event.

Her Royal Highness spent time hearing stories and talking to some of the centres 600 members. On sitting at the first of nine tables, The Duchess immediately recognised centre member Henrietta Kelly, who spent 20 months in Bergen Belsen from the age of six, and who personally invited the Duchess to the HSC after the two met at last year’s national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

After meeting the Duchess Henrietta commented;She remembered me and another lady on my table and even recalled what I’d told her that my parents didn’t recognise each other when they met on the street in Paris after the War. She really is so interested and chatty and made sure everybody had a chance to speak. I could never have imagined in a million years that I would meet a member of the Royal Family.”

At the end of the visit the Duchess thanked all of the guests for sharing their stories with her; 

It is a huge honour to come here and listen to your amazing stories. To be able to tell these stories now I think is so important to my generation, the next generation and the next generation down. I just hope these stories continue so people know how incredible you have all been”.

The Duchess also heard about and praised the care that the survivors have received from Jewish Care and The Holocaust Survivor's Centre (HSC).

The Holocaust Survivors Centre, is the only centre designed specifically for Holocaust survivors in the UK. The Centre offers a wide range of social, practical and therapeutic support to those who survived the Nazi Holocaust.

Centre member Sylva Hersberg presented the Duchess with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all the centre’s members and thanked the Duchess for taking the time to visit the centre;

“Thank you very much indeed for coming here to see us today. We will all remember this special day for a long time”

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