Prime Minister declares his love for Jewish Care at annual dinner

21 Jun 2016

Only days before the EU referendum the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP took time out of his busy campaign schedule to speak at Jewish Care’s annual fundraising dinner.

The Prime Minister was welcomed into the room by Lord Levy, Jewish Care’s President who commented;

“We are honoured and delighted you are here with us this evening in one of the most momentous weeks in recent British history”.

As he took to the stage he was greeted by a standing ovation. Informing the audience that despite it being an exceptionally busy week there was one engagement in his diary he was always going to keep and that was his commitment to speak at this event; “I want to say some simple things. The first thing is I love you. I love Jewish Care and I love what you do. So much of it epitomises what I am getting at when I talk about big society.”

Before delivering his speech the Prime Minister spent time talking to the three Jewish Care clients whose stories appeared in a film shown during the event. He crouched down to talk to a seated 99 year old, Milly, who told him how marvellous Jewish Care is and how she didn’t know what she would do without them.

Watch David Cameron's speech

He made mention of this meeting in his speech telling guests how he had just met “the incredible Milly”. “She is 99 and a complete inspiration. She tells you why Jewish Care is so special. Because without being collected by that Jewish Care mini bus and being taken to that Stepney Green Day Centre, she wouldn’t see anyone or have anywhere to go. But with Jewish Care she has a life, she has friends, a place to shop, a place to get her hair done. She has a family again. That’s the difference that Jewish Care makes.”

Nicola Loftus, Chair of the Campaign Dinner and Jewish Care Trustee thanked the Prime Minister for his commitment to social care and support to Jewish Care;

“Having you here tonight demonstrates your commitment to us and acknowledges the role that Jewish Care plays in both the Jewish community and the wider world of social care”.

Jewish Care Chairman Steven Lewis appealed to the guests to dig deep and show their support without which the organisation wouldn’t exist;

“Today is Monday. The beginning of our week, and, as we have already heard tonight, it is an important week for the future of the UK. By the end of this week, Jewish Care would have touches the lives of 10,000 members of our community, the most vulnerable, their families and carers. And the same will happen next week and every week over the next twelve months. Every week is an important week for Jewish Care.”

Emotions ran high as the guests were shown a powerful film that told the stories of three clients the organisation supports.

Watch the 2016 Jewish Care Appeal film

The evening was brought to a close by former X Factor winner and multi-platinum selling artist Leona Lewis who generously donated her time to perform at the event. The East London born star commented; "I feel very honoured and privileged to be part of such a special evening and meet some of the inspirational people that are assisted by Jewish Care.”

Speaking after the event Jewish Care President, Lord Levy said;

“It was a truly special evening. A night that both showcased the vital work of Jewish Care and celebrated the way we as a community come together to provide care and support for those who need it. I am delighted to announce that the community has risen to the challenge and we have raised a fantastic £5.1 million which is a great start towards our annual £15 million fundraising target, money that is needed to ensure we can continue to provide much needed services across the community”.

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