Talking News on Jewish Care Interact

16 Sep 2016

From Friday, September 9, 2016, the weekly abridged audio versions of both the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News are available on the Jewish Care Interact website.

Produced at Jewish Care's KC Shasha Centre for Talking News & Books, these productions have historically been available to print-impaired people via KC Shasha Centre's postal service. Now with the inception of Jewish Care Interact, our new digital service, we are making this much-valued content available to a wider audience.

Adam Bradley, AV Content Producer for the KC Shasha Centre says, "It's a really nice way for anyone and everyone to get the latest Jewish news wherever they are".

Heidi Schwartz, Jewish Care Interact's Content Editor says, "It's so exciting for Jewish Care Interact to be the place that connects the community and keeps it informed".

Have a look at the 'News in audio format' section of the website to listen now.