Havdalah on Shabbat UK at Jewish Care

15 Nov 2016

Jewish Care Lay Leadership graduate Shoshi Silverblatt organised a programme of activities at Selig Court to coincide with Shabbat UK. Shoshi along with her husband and friends spent Friday evening and Shabbat at the Jewish Care resource concluding their day with a special Havdalah.

Shoshi commented: ‘As part of the Lay Leadership Programme, a group of us spent a year and half making monthly visits to different resources to really get to know Jewish Care, with a view to getting involved and seeing where our individual strengths could most make a difference.

‘For me, fostering the “Jewish” in Jewish Care fitted in with my lifestyle and knowledge. The Havdalah ceremony at the end of Shabbat is very visual and beautiful. I thought residents would really enjoy a group of us coming in for some afternoon activities, culminating in Havdalah in the winter months.

‘We timed our first visit with Shabbat UK, beginning with a pre-Shabbat challah bake on the Friday, then a group went back for Friday night dinner to sing a bit and chat to residents. We returned on Shabbat afternoon to have tea and do a general knowledge quiz, before finishing with the Havdalah Service.’

Lulu (Reine) Arwas, 94, a resident at Selig Court, says: ‘It was a very nice experience which I enjoyed because I understood more than ever before the meaning of Havdalah.’

Shoshi and her friends are planning to continue their involvement regularly spending Shabbat at Jewish Care and she is particularly interested to bring in other volunteers get involved in particular with her plans to bring Havdalah to a range of Jewish Care resources.

Simon Morris adds: “Every Shabbat is special for us at Jewish Care, it is one example of what makes us different from any other care organisation. It is thanks to the enthusiasm of our dedicated volunteers which enables Jewish Care to make Shabbat such an uplifting and engaging experience for our diverse range of clients, their family members and the community beyond. I hope that members of the community who came to our resources for Shabbat UK activities over the weekend will consider coming back again throughout the year and I look forward to seeing more Havdalah events across Jewish Care”.

Do you have time on Shabbat to visit a Jewish Care resource? There are a range of ways you can get involved from running services to helping at meal times or supporting our new Havdalah programme. For more information contact the Volunteers Team on 0208 922 2405 or volunteers@jcare.org.