Rock n’ roll into Chanukah with Jewish Care

05 Jan 2017

Jewish Care members and residents celebrated Chanukah lighting candles and eating doughnuts across homes and community centres. Young people at Jewish Care’s Redbridge Community Centre practiced injecting donuts with jam whilst at Jewish Care’s Michael Sobell Community Centre it was time to put on the blue suede shoes for Chanukah on Sunday evening when the Jewish Care's Sobellers Committee were delighted that Elvis Schmelvis was able to join them for pre-Chanukah dinner, donuts and dancing at one of their regular social evenings entertaining more than 70 singles.

On Monday the JCoSS choir visited the members of the Centre to give a Chanukah concert which was greatly enjoyed by all and Year 6 pupils from Hertsmere Jewish Primary School enjoyed meeting Centre members on Tuesday to light candles and sing a mix of traditional and new Chanukah songs. Older members were also delighted to receive the Chanukah cards the children had made for them and enjoyed talking to the children about their life stories and reminiscing about their Chanukah experiences.

Jewish Care’s Michael Sobell Centre member, Rita Temple said, “I am a grandmother and great grandmother and I always have a joke with the children so they know they’ll have fun when they see me. It’s great to come to the Jewish Care community centres in Golders Green and Edgware as it’s hard to get around. The HJPS children enjoyed spinning the dreidel together and were very impressed by my grandson’s business card, he works with footballers round the world!”