Young Patrons Dinner 2014

25 Mar 2014

Jewish Care’s largest Young Patrons Dinner, sponsored by Barclays Bank, raised a record breaking £145,000 to support the Hendon based Holocaust Survivors Centre.

nullAward winning internationally acclaimed artist Pixie Lott gave her time to the centre with a stunning performance to close the evening. Speaking at the dinner she said;

"It’s great to see so many young people supporting Jewish Care’s fantastic Holocaust Survivors Centre. I am honoured to be here, doing my bit to help.”

Alongside Pixie, another star of the evening was Polish born Holocaust survivor and member of the centre Renee Salt who told the audience;

“Seventy five years ago Hitler set out to destroy the Jewish race – miraculously, he did not succeed.  I was a child at the time, one of the few who survived to tell my story.”

She went on to tell the young crowd how important the centre is for her and 600 other survivors living in London;

“Those of us who live in London are fortunate to have access to the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre, which brings together survivors like myself and is regarded by many as a second home.  It is our support system – it allows us to interact with one another and this helps us to talk openly about our experiences.  The Centre offers warmth, familiarity and comfort to help us contend with the traumatic legacy of the Holocaust.  As we grow older, the services offered by the HSC are invaluable to us.”

Recently appointed Young Jewish Care Chair and Co-Chair of the Young Patrons Dinner, Jamie Landesberg urged everyone to get even more involved in giving both time and money to the charity;

“Take a look around the room, we are the future of our community. We are the future of organisations like Jewish Care. It is our responsibility to build on the work of our grandparents and parents to ensure we keep this fantastic organisation alive through donating both our time and money.”

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