MP Meets Local Chaps That Chat Group

10 Apr 2017

Wes Streeting MP visited the Chaps That Chat group yesterday at Jewish Care’s Redbridge Community Centre, Sinclair House.

Chaps That Chat is one of Jewish Care's Supportive Communities groups and is a monthly get-together for gentlemen in Redbridge. The aim of the group is to provide a fun and stimulating space where older men meet others and connect to their local community.

Sid Green, 85, who has been a Jewish Care volunteer for the last 10 years, helped launch Chaps That Chat in Redbridge in October 2015 and due to its success is now working with the Centre on a second group. The majority of the men are retired and there is a real spread of ages; the youngest attendee is in his early-60s and the oldest is 91.

Wes Streeting, Member of Parliament for Ilford North and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Jews said:

“I really enjoyed meeting the ‘Chaps That Chat’ group at Sinclair House today to discuss a wide range of topics from local council issues to national pressures on the NHS.

 "Given the recent controversy in the Labour Party concerning Ken Livingstone, it was particularly heartening to receive such a warm welcome and support for the stance I've taken to combat antisemitism within the Labour Party and wider society.

“It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm that Sid Green puts into organising this regular group, and the number of people attending each time is a real credit to his dedication and commitment. I’d also like to thank Jewish Care for the important work they continue to do to support elderly Jewish residents in Redbridge.”

Sid Green, a local volunteer who runs Chaps That Chat, said:

“It was a pleasure to meet and greet with Wes yesterday at Chaps That Chat. 45 Chaps attended firing all manner of questions at Wes and he responded to each and every one perfectly.

“Wes and I chatted after the Chaps ended he said he would be delighted to return at a later date which would be fantastic as this was a very successful afternoon which was enjoyed by all.”