Take time to bake and share for Jewish Care

07 Jun 2017

Jewish Care is asking the community to get together to share some cake for the 5th Great Jewish Bake Day on 5th July and help raise money for vital services to support older people. 16 schools have already signed up to take part and there’s still time to plan a bake day event at home or at school anytime in June or July to help raise money for the care buses that are a lifeline for older, isolated members of the community.

You don’t need to be a domestic goddess to organise a bake sale – you can even buy the cakes or look at Jewish Care’s film for some tips on easy ‘home made’ cakes.

Daniel Carmel-Brown explains, “Jewish Care’s Great Jewish Bake Day is an opportunity for us all to come together as a community to have some fun and share time with our friends and family to enjoy cake whilst raising money to help fund the buses that provide transport to and from Jewish Care community centres and services in Barnet for older people some of whom are living with dementia. The buses mean that hundreds of older people who otherwise be isolated can take part in sociable, meaningful activities five days a week.”

Violet, 84, takes the bus every week from home to Jewish Care’s Michael Sobell Community Centre in Golders Green. She has lived on her own since her husband died more than 20 years ago and always prided herself on her independence until she had a fall at home which left her immobile for six weeks.

Violet says, “After I had the fall I felt completely alone but I didn’t want to lose my independence. When I recovered, I knew I needed to find something in my life and I contacted Jewish Care. They suggested I come to one of their community centres and I’ve never looked back. I love it when I hear the care bus coming down the road in the mornings.”

Judith Gershon’s father, Charlie Wright or Chaz as he prefers to be known, attends Jewish Care’s Dennis Centre in Clarence Avenue for people living with dementia and their carers four days each week. He plays cards there and the bus picks up from home every morning and brings him back each day.

Judith says, “Dad used to go to Jewish Care’s Redbridge Community Centre and when he began to develop dementia the team recommended he start visiting The Dennis Centre. That was a few years ago now and it’s been a lifesaver. Dad says it himself, he tells us, ‘I’m so lucky I’ve got to the Dennis Centre to go to.’”

“All the staff, the volunteers at the Centre and the drivers of the Care bus are fantastic,” she continues, “whenever I go, everyone is having a good time and is relaxed. Dad really enjoys it and I’m so grateful that he can be there each day.”

Let’s come together to Bake and Share for Jewish Care, to find out more about how to sign up, visit www.jewishcare.org/bakeday or call 020 8922 2822.