Cracking therapy for residents at Hyman Fine

17 Aug 2017

Visit our Hyman Fine care home in Brighton and you'll find two feathery friends in the garden.  Two resident chickens have been brought in for their therapeutic benefits for interactions with residents and their families. Chicken Keeping has been happening at Hyman Fine House for 3.5 years now and the benefits are clear to see.

One of the residents had a lifelong interest in birds, keeping budgies as pets . She has assumed a responsibility for the hens, feeding and checking on them and encouraging others to help care for them. She delights in showing them off to her friends and other visitors . The hens are quite tame and friendly  and come running out to greet visitors. On occasion they come into the lounge, provoking some suprising reactions.  Another resident who lives with the late stages of dementia, still reacts with pleasure when he sees or touches the birds . These pleasures are rare in his life now .

 One of the nicest challenges has been what to do with the eggs . One resident has been assigned the job of collecting and distributing them . She sometimes finds it quite difficult to decide who to give them to. 

When one resident came to Hyman Fine she was anxious with hyperagitation which had affected her ability to cope with life at home . She had difficulty swallowing and needed care. One of the first activities she was involved was chicken keeping . This seemed to relax her and keep her grounded . Gradually she became able to take more responsibility and less anxious . She decided to buy two more budgies and is sucessfully looking after them. The gentle activity of looking after hens has been benificial for her well-being.