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  • Blake ezra jcare careers location 0179 listing

    Advance Care Planning & Advanced Wishes

    06 Aug 2018

    Advance Care Planning involves thinking ahead and expressing preferences and decisions about care at the end of life.

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    152 Mile Cycle Coast to Coast for Jewish Care

    19 Jul 2018

    Philip Aston took on a 152 mile coast to coast bike cycle to raise funds for Jewish Care.

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    The Sandwich Generation - Tips for Carers

    13 Jun 2018

    Being a carer can be exhausting and it is vital to look after yourself. It is important to make the most of all the support available. The following steps can help with day-to-day struggles.

  • Guests enjoying a jewish care supportive communities tea party listing

    Forget Facebook - These Are The Faces to Move and Inspire

    19 Apr 2018

    Lucy Godfrey, volunteer facilitator and mum of three from Bushey, writes about human connections and the role of community.

  • Richard munns  jewish cares head of catering with jewish cares sunjoy youngsam and mary greenaway listing

    Jewish Care’s Catering department gets ready for Pesach

    26 Mar 2018

    Every year, Richard is responsible for the koshering of 30 kitchens, catering 48,000 Pesach meals for clients across Jewish Care residential homes and community centres.

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    Richard's RideLondon tradition

    14 Mar 2018

    RideLondon is a major sports challenge held since 2013 with its route largely following the route used at the London Olympics road race in 2012. And Richard Pearlman will cycle these roads in support of our services for the third time in a row!

  • Training 3 listing

    My Three Hour Marathon Challenge, Josh Domb

    19 Feb 2018

    Discover why Josh is running this year's London Marathon for Jewish Care, and why he's determined to beat his personal best!

  • Simon morris careline listing

    Changing Times

    12 Dec 2017

    When I first joined Jewish Care twenty years ago I used a map book to navigate myself to meetings, I took camera film to the shops to be developed and google was yet to be registered as a company.

  • Q a listing

    Ask us a question

    17 Aug 2017

    Jewish Care’s free confidential helpline provides advice and information about support on offer either from Jewish Care or other local service providers.

  • Simon final thought pic listing

    Final Word: Why recent events remind us of the importance of community

    16 Aug 2017

    Jewish Care's CEO, Simon Morris reflects on why recent events remind us of the importance of community

  • Ready  willing and able listing

    Ready, Willing and Able

    16 Aug 2017

    Alison Rubenstein, Legacy Advisor, shares some of the everyday questions she is asked by people considering leaving a Gift in their Will to Jewish Care, and why Legacies, also known as Gifts in Wills are so important.

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    Celebrating Bnei Mitzvah at Jewish Care

    16 Aug 2017

    Emma Shrimsley explores the many ways we mark this special time in a person’s life, no matter how old they are!