Project has big impact at Holocaust Survivors' Centre

08 Mar 2020

On Sunday, 2 February 2020, as part of my JVN Project ImpACT Explore Volunteering, I visited the Jewish Care, Betty and Asher Loftus Home where I met and spoke with Holocaust Survivor, 94 year old, Taube. 

She told me about her awful and very sad experience of being in Auschwitz with her sister from age 14-19. She thought her sister died a week after the liberation and remembers saying goodbye to her mother who was cruelly shot shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz.

Taube was one of six siblings but she only remembers her sister and doesn’t know whether any of them survived. She never married and didn’t have any children and isn’t aware of having any family.

Although Taube doesn’t remember a lot about what happened in Auschwitz, what she told me about being in Auschwitz made me feel very sad. However, I also feel very fortunate to have met her and heard her story which I will never forget as she is one of a very few remaining Holocaust Survivors who are able to tell us their eye-witness accounts.

Taube also inspired me as despite the horrendous experience and what she has been through, she told me to always remember that life was meant for living, to ensure I do all the things I want to do, that I must make the most of my life and follow my dreams and be the best the I can.

When we sat and chatted more, Taube said she enjoyed my company and loves flowers and would love to go out into the gardens more but is unable to. I’d really like to go back and visit Taube and help her plant some flowers or a mini garden in a big tub she can keep inside and tend to.

On our way home, I asked my mum how Taube was able to live at the Jewish Care Home. My mum said that perhaps they had a special fund to assist her living there or perhaps she had had a property she’d sold to help her live there.