Spotlight: Rosie's Little Bubulas

04 May 2016

Spotlight: Rosie's Little Bubulas

Jewish Care's first baby and toddler music class "Rosie's Little Bubalas" was set up in May 2015 by Jenna Kay (nee Sweet). She named the group in memory of her grandma Rosie Sweet who spent the last year of her life at the Princess Alexandra care home.

Nothing brought her Grandma more happiness than seeing her great granddaughter Elise. Jenna would bring Elise to the home and together they would sing her favourite songs. Other residents would often join in and it seemed to really brighten their days. When Rosie sadly passed away, Jenna decided to set up a music group to bring happiness to residents in her memory.

"Rosie’s Little Bubalas" runs every Monday morning at Rubens house. It is an interactive session where three generations come together to sing nursery rhymes and old classics. There are lots of colourful props - a bubble machine, parachute, stars, red buses, toy animals and lots of shakers that are passed to both the toddlers and the residents.

A second group was set up by Esther Lee earlier this year. She attended Jenna's class and was so inspired by what she had done that she signed herself up as a volunteer. She was put in touch with a contact at the Kun Mor and George Kiss home and started her own group with her daughter Jessica in February.

These classes have been extremely successful. The mums love being able to enjoy an activity with their little ones while also doing "a mitzvah". The residents love the sessions and even some who have dementia and do not normally communicate have started to join in! It really brings them to life and gives them an improved sense of wellbeing afterwards. They enjoy the time with the mums at the end of the class, some holding the babies on their laps or stroking their hands. It is a particular treat for residents who don’t have great-grandchildren or families who can visit them.

Jenna & Esther hope to bring "Rosie's Little Bubalas" to many more Jewish care homes this year! If you are interested in being involved in this initiative either by attending classes or setting up your own please get in touch via the Facebook group.