Interesting articles about issues affecting older people, as well as news on social care and intergenerational issues.

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  • Inter faith week listing

    Interfaith Week 2015: Building relationships with other faiths

    17 Nov 2015

    This week is Interfaith Week which sets out to build good relationships and working partnerships between people of different faiths and beliefs...

  • Shabbat sonia2015 listing

    Shabbat UK, a time to examine what it means to us

    23 Oct 2015

    As the community begins its second Shabbat UK, it is a time for us to examine what this means to us as individuals, but also to us as a community...

  • Blog general2 listing

    How do we ensure the future of our voluntary services?

    07 Aug 2015

    With all of us reeling from the news about Kids Company and its closure, we who provide services to the most vulnerable need to look hard at how we ensure the future of our services...

  • Looking back listing

    Looking back looking forward

    29 Jul 2015

    Careline - Summer 2015: In November 1989, six weeks before the formation of Jewish Care, Marty and Doc launched themselves into the year 2015 in the box office success Back to the Future 2. One of the biggest challenges the film’s director faced...

  • Materialgirls listing

    Material Girls

    28 Jul 2015

    Careline - Summer 2015: Making a wall hanging out of wedding photographs was more than a simple activity for residents of Rubens House…it became a labour of love. Joy Sable reports...

  • Askourhelpline listing

    Ask us a question

    27 Jul 2015

    Careline - Summer 2015: Jewish Care Direct is the charity’s confidential helpline, providing emotional support and information on a wide range of health and social care enquiries, as well as...

  • Historyismade listing

    History is made

    24 Jul 2015

    Careline - Summer 2015: At this year’s Annual Campaign Dinner, history was made when HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attended his first ever communal event, here is the speech he delivered on that very special night at Alexandra Palace....

  • Combating loneliness listing

    A Monumental Moment

    23 Jul 2015

    Careline - Summer 2015: Every year has its monumental moments. 1990 saw Nelson Mandela walking free having served 27 years in prison, Margaret Thatcher resigned after 11 years as Prime Minister, Germany was reunified and Jewish Care was formed...

  • Blog family carersl listing

    Why should we worry about the abolition of the Human Rights Act?

    26 Jun 2015

    Sonia Douek looks at 'the right to family life' and talks on areas for concern those working in social care...

  • Volunteers week 2015 listing

    Volunteers’ Week 2015: How hard is it to say thank you?

    02 Jun 2015

    Volunteers' Week 2015: Sonia Douek marks Volunteers’ Week with a post on appreciating the vital work of volunteers...

  • Be jewish care front cover 05 listing

    Personal responsibility

    13 May 2015

    Following the election, Sonia Douek offers a response to the belief of the government that we should take on more personal responsibility for care...

  • Vacancies listing

    Volunteering agreements - should you have one?

    11 Mar 2015

    Whatever we do in life we all want to know what is expected from us and, where this involves other people, we will all try to set out for those others a framework that will help us to make that relationship a good, working one....