Staff Awards 2019


Please see below for nominees.

The Jewish Care Staff Awards recognise, acknowledge and reward Jewish Care staff who go above and beyond. The categories for nominations are based on who we are and what we do at Jewish Care. They help us shine the spotlight on our great employees.

This year, everyone was invited to nominate a Jewish Care staff member, including employees, volunteers, service users and their relatives.

We received an overwhelming response of 335 nominations, and we are very proud of everyone nominated! Some nominations were for teams, 204 individuals were nominated – some more than once - and amazingly this equates to around one sixth of the Jewish Care workforce being recognised which is fantastic!

Award Winners 2019:

Denise Alexander, Centre Manager at Stepney Community Centre

Mona Postolache, Care Worker at Rosetrees

Ffion Roberts, Implementation Manager

Lidia Akhmieva, Support Worker at Jack Gardner House

Rubens House Team 

Melodie Driscoll and Brett Gordon, Meals on Wheels Co-ordinators at Redbridge JCC

Sirane Terkhanian
, Team Leader at Selig Court

Carol Rowcliffe
, Area Home Care Manager at East London and Essex Home Care

Gill Yentis, Practice Development Worker under the Creative Arts, Disability & Dementia Services

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Shortlisted nominees will attend the Staff Awards ceremony on 5 December 2019 where winners for each category will be announced. 

Award Categories:

Click on the headings below as a reminder of what each category covers and a hypothetical example.

Outstanding Customer Service

This category recognises employees that:

  • constantly strive to exceed expectations of clients and colleagues

  • put clients’ needs at the heart of everything they do

  • demonstrate outstanding performance that results in significant improvement in customer satisfaction or experience

Nomination example:
I would like to nominate X for their outstanding work, service and contribution to our Day Centre. X works tirelessly with staff, residents and families to ensure that every visitor gets the best possible service. X regularly receives compliments for their work and here are a few quotes from letters received: “X makes my Mum feel really important, visiting the day centre is the highlight of her week”, “X always welcomes us with a big smile and open arms, encourages my Dad to participate in activities and interact with other people, make friends and try new things”, “X never makes a drama out of a crisis and when things haven’t gone to plan X is always kind and goes the extra mile to put things right”

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Inclusion and Wellbeing

This category recognises employees that:

  • help others to be themselves, regardless of age, sexuality, gender, race or other identities

  • are a champion for the under-represented and those that are sometimes overlooked

  • care for their colleagues and customers and promote a positive work environment and wellbeing

Nomination example:
I would like to nominate X for going above and beyond their duties to ensure everyone in our team is included and well looked after. X makes such a difference to the team by their very being and so many things. X is always welcoming with a hello and a meaningful how are you, taking the time to listen to a reply. X is the one who never forgets a birthday and organises the cakes and card. X is the one who not only respects the faith of other staff but ensures we celebrate. X sends us a kindness calendar each month and even organised for us to have mindfulness sessions to help us deal with day to day pressures. More than this X shows courage and if someone even in ‘banter’ says something that isn’t within our values in the nicest possible way X challenges others. A wonderful role model.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Distinctively Jewish

This category recognises employees that:

  • champion the Jewish values of kindness, giving, and respect in everything they do

  • celebrate the Jewish culture and encourage people to be part of it

  • take a special interest in learning more about the Jewish way of life to be able to deliver an authentic Jewish experience

Nomination example:
 I’d like to nominate X for living our Jewish values and going the extra mile to help our customers experience the Jewish costumes and tradition. An example of this is the recent Bat Chayils X organised for some of our female residents after finding out that they didn’t have it when younger.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020


This category recognises employees that:

  • demonstrate out of the box thinking

  • embrace technology and help Jewish Care move into a new digital era

  • have actively participated in solving problems and business challenges

Nomination example:
I would like to nominate X for their work and creative thinking.  X is a quieter member of the team who is thoughtful and caring.  X sometimes looks at things differently than others which can be a great thing. Instead of following the way we have always done things, X often challenges and offers alternatives which often results in a small change that has a big impact. Recently X questioned our approach to saving the environment and set about looking at our use of paper. We now do so much more online which makes it easier and quicker to find things. We have also saved money and trees! A small initiative but such a worthwhile one that should be recognised.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Leading by Example

This category recognises employees that:

  • are seen as a role model by their colleagues and customers in the way they lead

  • influence workplace culture by being an example of positive behaviours and practices

  • promote professional development for themselves and other team members

Nomination example:
I would like to nominate X for being a great leader. They are not a manager but when we introduced a new system, they took the lead and helped us all, being a great example to follow. We were all anxious about the change including X,  but when we tried to keep our heads down X volunteered to be a champion. X isn’t naturally a systems person but in some ways that helped because they understood how we felt. X took the time to talk to us, listen to our concerns and made us feel that our voice matters. X takes everyone’s opinion on board, and when X commits to do something they always deliver. X gave great feedback and involved us in the next steps supporting us all the way. X didn’t have to be a champion but chose to be, and even though I know that sometimes it might have been a challenge, I wanted to let X know that we couldn’t have asked for a better leader to help us through.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Learner of the Year

This category recognises employees that:

  • have successfully completed a professional qualification (including apprenticeship) relevant to their role

  • demonstrated willingness and ability to learn beyond the immediate requirements of the role

  • shared knowledge and skills gained with colleagues to improve practice and performance

Nomination example:
 I would like to nominate X for completing an QCF Diploma this year, while working full time. X showed real dedication towards their studies, as well as eagerness to apply it in the day to day work. X actively shared some of their learning with other team members which was much appreciated. Importantly X kept on top of their studies without neglecting or compromising their job.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Champion of Volunteers

This category recognises employees that:

  • provide a first-class experience for our volunteers

  • encourage other staff, friends, family or people from the community to become volunteers

  • organise volunteers’ events and come up with new ways or ideas to maximise the contribution of volunteers

Nomination example:
I’d like to nominate X who was active on a local school parents association and at the same time acted as a fabulous ambassador for Jewish Care. Single handily X managed to recruit 10 volunteers who have put together several fundraising events raising £10,000.

Prize: £100 and one additional days’ leave for their birthday in 2020

Team of the Year

This category recognises teams from the same or different departments that:

  • work together to meet, and often exceed, the needs and expectations of clients or colleagues

  • take a proactive approach to create services and activities that make a positive difference to people’s lives

  • promote a work environment that encourages participation and openness, sharing ideas and skills.

Nomination example:
 I was glad as a relative to be able to nominate as this team doesn’t always receive the praise that I think they deserve. In fact, I often hear moans and groans. For me I see the X team at X are always on the go and day in day out provide kosher food which is so important to David. Sometimes the food is better than others and some days David likes it better than others. It might not always be perfect, but it is always delivered, and the team always listen to feedback and try to meet David’s needs. More than this recently I was so pleased when we were able to hold an event at X so that David could be included. The food and service was amazing, absolutely wonderful. We could not have had better in a 5 star hotel. Thank you.

Prize: £15 per person for dinner out (up to a maximum of £300)

Chief Executive Award

This is an Outstanding Achievement Award given by Daniel Carmel-Brown, our CEO, to recognise outstanding contribution to Jewish Care and the 10,000 people whose lives we touch each week.

Prize: £200 + one extra day per year of annual leave, permanently