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We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join us!
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* If you already work for Jewish Care you can search and apply using your Employee Self Service (iTrent) login details. If you already work for Jewish Care and do not have login details contact Recruitment team who will provide you a username and password.


Why it's great to work for Jewish Care

We have a very diverse staff group at Jewish Care with over 70 nationalities, ages 16-75 – so you don’t have to be Jewish to fit in and feel part of our staff community!

Jewish Care is a very vibrant, positive and friendly place to work where we make a real difference to people’s lives every day.

Nine (ok it's actually 8.9 but that's nearly nine!) out of 10 Jewish Care employees would recommend us as a good place to work.

*The top five best things about working for Jewish Care were:

  1. Ethos and purpose of the organisation
  2. Cares about its staff
  3. Collegues/teamwork
  4. Learning and development
  5. Management

* Results taken from 2014 staff survey.


We believe that there are different routes into the world of work to fit different people. Our Apprenticeship Scheme encourages participants to gain qualifications and workplace experience in our offices. We work in conjunction with the national Apprenticeships scheme to make sure people get the most out of this experience, and gain valuable, practical skills. 

To find out more about Apprenticeships, please email us  or call us on 020 8922 2446

Benefits and training

What are the benefits of working at Jewish Care?

Jewish Care offers excellent benefits and training to all staff. We reward staff fairly and help them maintain the high standards we are known for in the community. Benefits include Jewish Care Pension scheme, various discounts, Loans and mileage reimbursement, ride to work scheme, eye tests, employee referral bonus and more.

What training is available?

  • A comprehensive induction programme for all new staff
  • Essential training for staff paid in full, including QCF Level 2, 3 & 5
  • Management and skills training throughout the year
  • Support for professional courses of study, where appropriate
  • Secondment and mentoring across the organisation.

Will Jewish Care pay for my training?

It depends.  We will where possible pay for training or source funding on your behalf.  All mandatory and statutory training (that is training to do your job) will be paid for.  If it is extra training we might struggle to pay for it. However, we have a solid budgeting process so if you and your manager agree that the training is vital to your job we can budget for it.

How do I book on to a course?

Discuss the course with your line manager first. Your manager should then email or call Learning and Development to book your place on the course. If for any reason you have to cancel your place on your course you should discuss this with your line manager and let the Learning and Development Department know as soon as possible. We take attendance on courses very seriously and if you cancel without good reasons your service manager will be notified.

To discuss all our training courses, please email us  or call us on 020 8922 2432


Induction takes 6 days if you work in Care and 2 ½ if you work in an admin or head office role. You will get paid for your induction training. The induction is very valuable to start you on your Jewish Care journey. You will complete your induction with up to 11 other new starters who will become your induction network group. This way you can immediately know others in the organisation (outside of your area) and talk to them if you have any issues going forward.

Types of Jobs

Care Work

This could be in residential or nursing care, as a member of a home care team, in a community centre, centre for people living with dementia or in mental health services. There are some common aspects of the work:

  • Physical and personal care
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Providing a caring and stimulating environment

Previous experience in social care work is useful, but not essential. Voluntary work or experience caring for a relative may be helpful.

Social Work

As well as qualified social workers, we employ Community Support Workers in our regional teams based in Maurice & Vivienne Wohl Campus, Golders Green; Princess Alexandra House, Stanmore; Redbridge JCC, Essex. As well as Helpline Advisers at Maurice & Vivienne Wohl Campus.

Youth & Community Work

We employ full and part-time youth workers. They encourage young Jewish people to participate in educational, cultural and sporting activities.

Support and Administration

Based in North West London, these are the central services that underpin the care work of the organisation - Finance, IT, Human Resources, Property, Administration etc.

Fundraising and Marketing

Although many of our services are financed by local authorities, we still depend on voluntary income. We look for creative people with a flair for original and innovative ideas, who can develop fundraising and marketing opportunities.

Other specialist services

We also offer help and support to:

  •     Blind and visually impaired people 
  •     People with physical and sensory difficulties 
  •     Survivors of the Holocaust 

Work Permit

A Work Permit is now called a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Our limited licence enables us on occasions to sponsor skilled workers. The skilled worker category (which is also called Tier 2) is for people coming to the United Kingdom with a skilled job offer to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker.  If you are from outside the EU, we must sponsor you during your stay in the United Kingdom. 

To be sponsored you must meet a number of criteria:

- The job must be at NQF (National Qualification Framework) Level 3 or above.
- We must pay you the appropriate salary for the job.
- We need to complete an application which includes your salary, skill level, and the reason why we have not been able to fill the vacancy with a worker from within the EU.

We can offer sponsorship for the following role: Nurses 

Please note that we are unable to offer sponsorship to carers.

Sponsorship is a two-step process:

Step 1.  You need to be issued with a certificate of sponsorship.
Step 2. You must apply for permission to enter the UK (if you are outside the United Kingdom) or permission to stay (if you are already inside the United Kingdom).

A Certificate of Sponsorship is not an actual certificate or paper document. It is a unique reference number that Jewish Care issues to you to enable you to apply to the next stage.

It is important to note that there is a fee payable to the Home Office at both stages of the application:

The cost for a sponsorship licence is currently £184.00. 
The fee for a Tier 2 application is:

  • For standard postal applications to the Home Office - £578. 
  • For applications made in person directly to the Home Office - £953.

The fact that a certificate of sponsorship has been assigned does not guarantee that you will succeed in getting permission to enter the UK or stay here. You must also meet certain requirements for the relevant tier and category, and apply for permission to enter or stay.

For more information on sponsorship, please visit the UKBA website at:

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