Community Support & Social Work Service

Supports individuals, families, carers and communities by enabling people to make a meaningful difference to their lives, with dignity and choice.

The Community Support and Social Work (CSSW) team have experienced professionals who can support, advise and advocate on behalf of the client. The team offers both practical and emotional support. 

With community networks such as GPs, synagogues and voluntary agencies, CSSW also works in partnership with the NHS, local authorities and other care providers to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.

For more info:

Call our helpline (Jewish Care Direct) 020 8922 2222 or email

Our specialist areas include:

ageing and dementia | disability and welfare rights | family carers | Holocaust survivors and refugees | palliative and residential care

Family Carers

Our Family Carers team provide support, information, practical advice and advocacy for those who are caring for a relative or friend. 

For information on any of the services offered by the Family Carers team, contact our helpline:
Jewish Care Direct on 020 8922 2222 or email

What's on offer?

  • One to one support - A chance to meet to discuss issues or concerns about your caring role. This may be at a venue that suits you, at home, a local café, our offices or another Jewish Care resource. We can help to assist with form filling, discussing entitlements, booking appointments and help you to navigate the various statutory systems and pathways to care.
  • Telephone support - Provided by trained staff and volunteers, to listen to your needs and support you.
  • Carer support groups - A variety of confidential support groups, where you can seek advice from professionals and share experiences with other carers in similar situations.
  • Memory Way Cafés - Informal support groups in various locations, for carers to come along with your family or friend living with dementia, to meet other carers and build supportive friendships. A great chance to socialise and enjoy a varied programme of guest speakers and professionals.
  • Residential care - Provide support and advice to family carers when the person you care for moves into residential care.
  • Family Carers Newsletter - Available to all carers, updating you of all Jewish Care services available. It includes topical issues concerning carers and community events and organisations that may be of interest to you.

What are my rights as a family carer?

The law says: 
You have a right to an assessment if you care for someone for 'a substantial amount of time on a regular basis'. The relevant legislation is the Carers (Recognition & Services) Act 1995 and the Carers & Disabled Children Act 2000. You may be a carer living with or away from the person you care for, caring full time or combining care with paid work – you will still have a right to a carer's assessment.

If you are aged over 16, your right  to an assessment is not affected, even if the person you care for does not want to receive help from social services.

You also have a right to an assessment if you intend to look after someone. For example: if your friend or relative is in hospital and you expect to look after them when they come back home. Or it may be very helpful to ask for an assessment if you intend giving up work in order to care for someone. 

Your needs assessment will also ensure that services for the person you care for take account of your situation –  will they fit with your working life, your other family commitments or ensure that you have some access to a life of your own?

Which geographical areas do you cover?

We cover:

  • Central London
  • North London
  • North West London
  • Harrow
  • Hertfordshire and the home counties
  • East London
  • South London, Surrey & Kent (working in partnership with Nightingale Hammerson)