Meet the People of Jewish Care

Discover unique, heartwarming and inspirational stories from across our organisation as you get to know the People of Jewish Care

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Meet Pat

How we can help with end of life care

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Meet Colin and Jack

Community centre members


Meet Anna

Support group member

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Meet Cyril and Joseph

A gift in a will means Cyril and Joseph can now attend Schul in their care home

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Meet Stanley

Bereavement group member

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Meet David

Gets kosher Meals on Wheels delivered three times a week.

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Meet Estelle and Leslie

They receive support from our dementia services

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Meet Lewis

Benefited from a legacy left in a will

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Meet the people of Jewish Care

New stories will be coming soon!


Meet Alex

Jewish Care Interact user

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Meet Suzanne

We supported Suzanne when her mother needed quality care

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Meet the #PeopleofJewishCare