Jewish Care Updated Communication: Coronavirus

Jewish Care Updated Communication: Coronavirus

27 March 2020. 12pm

Our top priority is the safety and protection of those in our care.

Jewish Care has taken a number of steps to help prevent the spread of coronavirus across all of our resources including: the introduction of a screening process upon entry to any resource; self-isolation measures where appropriate; increased deep cleaning and use of additional sanitisation and specialist cleaning products; suspending visits to our care homes and independent living facilities, and suspending activity in our community centres.

We understand that this will be distressing for many people, however it is important that we take all precautions necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus to those we care for.

Contingency and response plans are in place for various scenarios which may occur as a result of coronavirus impacting the UK more widely. Jewish Care is regularly reviewing the situation, and our Directorate team is now meeting at least every 24 hours to review the situation, along with our measures and plans.

Care Homes:

We have taken the decision that in order to keep residents in our care homes, along with our staff and volunteers safe, we have suspended all visits to our care homes. Exceptions to this will be for relatives visiting loved ones receiving end of life care and visiting medical professionals. To support this, we will do whatever we can to help facilitate phone calls, video calls or a Skype call with a loved one instead of a physical visit.

We are being led by Public Health England on any additional measures needed following any confirmed case of coronavirus in a care home. These homes will undergo an additional deep clean and will continue to take steps to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and infection control are in place. We will continue to ensure the homes functions as usual, as far as possible, for those residents in our care.

Community Centres, Connect@, Holocaust Survivors’ Centre, Dementia Day Centres:

We have decided to suspend activity in our community centres, Connect@, Holocaust Survivors’ Centre and dementia day centres until further notice.

We are able to extend the offer of a number of additional services to those that this may affect. These include but are not limited to: Meals on Wheels, Telephone befriending services, where possible, and if appropriate, face to face befriending, the Jewish Care Direct helpline open Monday-Friday 8.30am to 5pm on 0208 922 2222, and the Jewish Helpline which is open from Sunday-Thursday 12pm-12am, or from Friday 12pm-3pm on 0800 652 9249

At this time, it is vital that families and personal support networks help each other and those that may be lonely and isolated, as much as possible.

Independent Living:

We are following strict UK government guidelines around social distancing and will therefore suspend regular visits to our independent living facilities until further notice.

Exceptions to this will be if a relative, or a member of the tenant’s support network is delivering food shopping or other essential supplies, which can be dropped at the front entrance to the buildings and staff will bring it to the tenant’s apartment.

In order to further comply with these guidelines, we will also be closing the restaurants at Selig Court and Wohl Court until further notice.

All events are still considered to be suspended until further notice.

At this time, a small amount of people across four Jewish Care resources have tested positive for coronavirus.

We also ask you to respect the privacy of the individuals and their families at this time.

If you require any additional information, please see the  Coronavirus General FAQs