You can call the Jewish Helpline on 0800 652 9249 or 
020 3096 2875.

Our friendly, trained volunteers will listen to your worries or concerns however big or small, be they social, financial, religious or personal. This free service is confidential, anonymous, non-advisory and without judgement. 

We receive over 100 calls a month and callers come from a cross section of the community, including Charedi, Orthodox, Reform, Masorti, Liberal, and those who are non affiliated. Calls are taken regardless of gender, sexual orientation or religious observance. 

A spokesperson for the Jewish Helpline said “We listen to our callers with empathy, kindness and in a non-judgemental manner without giving specific advice.  We have people who call us regularly, and some who may only call once during a particularly difficult time.  Our callers talk to us in confidence about a wide range of issues and give as much or as little information as they like.” 

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The Jewish Helpline operates during the following hours:
Sunday – Thursday, Midday to Midnight,  Friday, Midday to 3pm
The Jewish Helpline is closed on Jewish Holidays.