Learning a new language

dictionary printWhether you learnt a language at school and want to brush up or you want to speak an entirely new tongue—from French to Hebrew and Hindi to Japanese—there’s plenty of ways to learn.

Duolingo offer fun and free courses in a wide range of languages.
Click www.duolingo.com to access.

OpenLearn, the home of free learning from the Open University, offers language courses, as well as tips and tricks on learning a new language.
Click www.open.edu/openlearn/languages/free-courses to access.

Rosetta Stone, the long established language learning provider, has paid for courses, support and other resources available online.
Click www.rosettastone.co.uk to access.

Babbel offer lessons in 14 different languages including Spanish, Italian, French and Indonesian. With the option of free starter courses or comprehensive paid-for content, you can brush up on your basic skills or learn to become fully fluent in whichever language you choose.
Click: https://begin.babbel.com/en_gb/multilanguage_selection_welcome/

Get bi, tri or even multi-lingual with Radio Lingua’s online classes. Suitable for all levels, their free podcasts or paid-for, in-depth courses in 7 different languages include Chinese, Swedish and Italian. You’ll be speaking like a local in no time!
Click here: https://radiolingua.com/

Online tutors, Memrise, offer a whole host of languages to choose from. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking to brush up your existing language skills, Memrise’s variety of teaching material-ranging from videos of locals speaking, to flashcards and quizzes-will have you coming back for more. Courses include Turkish, Russian and Japanese.
Click here: www.memrise.com/

If you only learn a handful of Spanish phrases, these are the ones to memorise! What’s more, an additional phonetic translation ensures your pronunciation is spot on too.
Click here: http://fv.church/basicspanish

Take Lessons helps you perfect the basics of Spanish with this list of commonly asked questions. Use the video or the printable handout to learn and practice conversations over the phone with a learning buddy!
Click here: https://takelessons.com/blog/Spanish-phrases-for-conversation-z03/

Hebrew can be a tricky language to get your head around, but this easy-to-use resource from Teach Me Hebrew will help you master the basics or brush up on your current skills in no time. With 100 simple, audio and printable phrases, the additional phonetic transliterations will help ensure correct pronunciation every time.
Click here: https://www.teachmehebrew.com/100-basic-hebrew-phrases.html

This handy printout from About France lists some of the most commonly used French words and phrases whilst the additional transliterations are all about getting that pronunciation ‘just so’. Parfait!
Click here: https://about-france.com/tourism/french-phrases.pdf                                                                                        

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