Welcome to Jewish Care's virtual event diary.  Here you can find monthly listings for all our live zoom sessions. Our guests are experts in areas including art, history, politics, entertainment, religion and more.    If you need help getting set up on Zoom, please get in touch with Max on who will guide you through the process.

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Thursday 15 October, 3.00pm     
In conversation with Alan Dein – Oral historian and radio presenter  

Sunday 18 October, 7.00pm        
"Everything Jewish" - A light hearted team quiz                                                        

Monday 19 October, 1.30pm         
Entertainment Hour with Sid Austin                                                                              

Monday 19 October, 2.30pm         
Art Appreciation – The work of Modigliani 

Tuesday 20 October, 2.15pm         
Jewish London with David Barnett 

Wed 21 October, 1.30pm                  
Norma Newman presents ‘Quiz with a Twist’ 

Thursday 22 October, 3.00pm        
The Changing Face of Comedy with Ivor Baddiel